Analysis Tools

Data Portal Integrations


Minerva is a suite of software tools for interpreting and interacting with complex images, organized around a guided analysis approach.

Explore HTAN Minerva stories


CellxGene is an interactive viewer for single-cell expression.


Explore single cell RNA Seq data in CellxGene


The cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics is an open-source software platform that enables interactive, exploratory analysis of large-scale cancer genomics data sets with a biologist-friendly interface

Explore the Clinicogenomic Profiling of HTAN OHSU Case HTA9_1 in cBioPortal

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a massively-parallel analytics engine ideal for working with tabular data. HTAN single cell and metadata BigQuery tables are available via the CRDC ISB Cancer Gateway in the Cloud

Explore HTAN BigQuery tables in ISB-CGC. Included are computational notebooks illustrating how to query and work with HTAN data. To explore HTAN BigQuery tables in ISB-CGC, select Launch under BigQuery Table Search and HTAN from the Program dropdown. To access HTAN R and Python notebooks, select GitHub under Notebooks and navigate to the HTAN folder.

Analysis Pipelines


MCMICRO is a software pipeline for generating single cell data from multiple tissue imaging technologies.