HTAN Biospecimen Data

The HTAN biospecimen data model is designed to capture essential biospecimen data elements, including:

  • Acquisition method, e.g. autopsy, biopsy, fine needle aspirate, etc.
  • Topography Code, indicating site within the body, e.g. based on ICD-O-3.
  • Collection information e.g. time, duration of ischemia, temperature, etc.
  • Processing of parent biospecimen information e.g. fresh, frozen, etc.
  • Biospecimen and derivative clinical metadata i.e. Histologic Morphology Code, e.g. based on ICD-O-3.
  • Coordinates for derivative biospecimen from their parent biospecimen.
  • Processing of derivative biospecimen for downstream analysis e.g. dissociation, sectioning, analyte isolation, etc.

HTAN biospecimen metadata leverages existing common data elements from four sources:

Data Schema:
HTAN biological entity; this can be tissue, blood, analyte and subsamples of those